Improvised encounter between an artist and her instrument

“An encounter with one’s memories. An invitation to the senses, a path towards that inner voice. The piano is standing there, waiting. Ready to respond to the slightest entreaty, caress or question with deep and ethereal resonance. And so we venture a little further in the dialogue : between us, who will open the door to the happiness and melancholy of days past? A lifelong companion, witness and echo, the piano has always been my vehicle for expression beyond words.”

Françoise Lombard

Françoise Lombard

Born into a family of music lovers, immersed in music from birth, I have always tried to reproduce on the piano the melodies I liked. An instinctive impulse that my piano teachers had the delicacy and intelligence to make me develop.

Between my daily practice of scales and the interpretation of the musical repertoire, there were often moments of recreation in the form of improvisations. My filiation to Dalcroze Rhythmics (musical pedagogy) largely contributed to this form of spontaneous musical expression.

Stareyes was founded in 1986 in Montreal by two multidisciplinary artists. Musical and audiovisual achievements focused on education, relationships, musical pedagogy and listening.


"resonance" osteophonic voices