Original lullabies for two voices and piano.

For ages 0 to 110.

Certain things happen spontaneously: singing while holding a baby, for example. As the melody is repeated, it becomes THE familiar song that puts the child to sleep. Variations may appear over time, according to the mood of the moment.

This is how these “Lullabies” were born: to accompany young children with simple, soothing melodies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, adults in their twilight years seem to respond to them with equal joy. There is no age to offer a gift of tenderness.

I discovered this music with great joy and happiness. I am 93 years old and in the residence where I live, these voices – and the music – gently accompany me in my daily life. A small anecdote : one morning as I was listening to “Lullabies”, my friends gathered in my room, attracted by the atmosphere of the CD that brought back the soothing melodies of our youth.

Marguerite Gaboriau

(great grandmother)

I attended my grandson’s bedtime routine. From the first notes of “Lullabies” by Françoise and Michel, he pays attention and agrees to brush his teeth. His father tells me that this is his signal, he then falls asleep, pleasantly soothed by these soft lullabies. I recommend it to all parents!

Maryse Pierre-Louis


When my children were young, only two things could help them calm down before bedtime : their « doudou » and Françoise Lombard and Michel Comeau’s Lullabies. Since then, these sweet songs have stayed in our family and it is not uncommon for us parents to hum a tune among them without even realizing it!
Although he no longer needs it to fall asleep, our oldest child still enjoys listening to the tunes that rocked his childhood with nostalgia. A sweet gift for the entire family!

Valérie Pomier-Layrargues

(mother of two children)

These lullabies have accompanied the whole family for years. A ritual that has become a must at bedtime. For the child, a soft and deep emotional reference point. Beautifully done!

Jessica and Bernard Richter

(parents of three children)

These simple and beautiful songs have carried my children through their early years. Whether it’s to appease children before bed, or to make car trips run more smoothly, Françoise and Michel’s lullabies have truly magical powers. Greatest of all: even after hundreds of hours of listening, parents still enjoy them!

Jérôme Lussier

(father of three boys)

Stareyes was founded in 1986 in Montreal by two multidisciplinary artists. Musical and audiovisual achievements focused on education, relationships, musical pedagogy and listening.


The Audio Library is made up of musical improvisations focused on various elements that make up the language of music.


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«resonance is choral music without words.
Osteophonic voices touch, because they resonate throughout the body.
They penetrate the imagination and heart of everyone, bringing inner peace: a music of the soul.