«resonance» osteophonic voices

«resonance is choral music without words.

Osteophonic voices touch, because they resonate throughout the body.

They penetrate the imagination and heart of everyone, bringing inner peace: a music of the soul.

About the CD « resonance »

“resonance” is choral music without words. It is the fruit of research on the voice that emphasizes fusion of bioacoustic resonances as well as the harmonic spectrum of the voice. Tracks 1 to 7 use a choir approach; tracks 8 to 13 form a journey into the world of sounds.

All the voices in the osteophonic choir of “resonance” have been recorded by Françoise Lombard and Michel Comeau. The desired sound texture and vocal fusion have been obtained without any instrumental, electroacoustical or other artificial support whatsoever.

About osteophonic voices

The human body is the most beautiful of musical instruments. When osteophonic* voices vibrate within the body, its spaces resonate like the sound box of a cello. Full and soft at the same time, they delicately penetrate the physical and psychic tensions, helping us to release them.
These voices make us want to listen, to listen to ourselves and to be in an intimate relationship with ourselves. They lead us to the heart of our being.

*(osteo = bone, phonie = sound)

Track 1 to 7 : Françoise Lombard, with the participation of Michel Comeau for track 4

Part two

the journey (an harmonic composition in six scenes)

composed by Françoise Lombard and Michel Comeau  © all rights reserved

Vocals performed and recorded by Françoise Lombard and Michel Comeau
Mixing by Marc-André Lepage with the assistance of Michel Comeau and Françoise Lombard
Graphic design by Spin Design, Martine Lavallée
Photo by Géraldine Laurendeau
Mastering by S.N.B., Bill Kipper
Directed by Michel Comeau

Tags : stress reducer – focus – concentration – listening – presence – peacefulness – meditation – massage – yoga – better sleep



Stareyes was founded in 1986 in Montreal by two multidisciplinary artists. Musical and audiovisual achievements focused on education, relationships, musical pedagogy and listening.